Is there a need to go for h1b stamping again


My husband who works for company A traveled to India for some visa processing and was supposed to travel back on same project once he got his stamping done but since client has closed the on-site position due to pandemic. He is working from offshore while waiting for a new project.

His visa is approved and stamped for 3 years with company A.

Now he has an offer from a company B and they are willing to do his h1transfer. In this case does he need to go for stamping again or can he travel with his stamped visa and h1 transfer approval notice ?

He has NIE(national interest exception) approved on basis of critical infrastructure and family separation as I am in USA.

Does he need to apply for NIE again to travel ?

No need for stamping if visa will be valid when he enters the US.

Are you on H4 or H1B while you are in the US?

Does he have annotation on his visa or is it an email approval? In any case, the NIE is valid for multiple travel entries to the US within 12 months from the issue of NIE approval.

I am on h1b visa… His visa is stamped for 3 years for company A.

So you mean to say he can resign company A in India and could just carry h1 transfer approval notice along with his stamped visa and join company B once he comes to USA ?

Yes, that is correct.

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I saw in one of the post that if you resign company A they can revoke the primary h1b… will that not be any issue when he passes through immigration in USA ?

Do you have any idea on Indian notice period? His company has a policy of 3 month notice period. I know we could buy that period but what if they revoke h1b before his travel ?

Even if there is employer name on the visa, it is not really employer specific like the H1B petition and revoking H1B doesn’t invalidate the visa. As I mentioned visa is just a travel document.

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Gotcha… thank you so much for the reply.