Is San Diego Ysidro Port of entry open on Saturday for i94 Correction?

Can i visit this Saturday (July 21)?

Its open all 7 days. You can visit anytime.

But, the lines might be a lot longer on weekends.
If you are lucky, you might get away faster. but, be prepared to wait for 3-4 hours in line waiting for your turn.

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Thank You All… You guys are amazing… I got my i94 renewed in Otay Mesa today… I was re-directed from San Ysidro to otay Mesa…

Hi @Vivekn
Great and enjoy.
Can you share if you were asked to cross border and re-enter US?

They didn’t ask me to cross the border… I just followed what you described in previous posts… this forumn was really helpful to me… thanks again

Great. Thanks for your feedback.

@Vivekn May I know why the officer redirected you to Otay Mesa ? Also, I do not have Valid Visa in my passport :frowning: so I cannot cross the border if officer asks me. COuld you guys please post if any of you had similar issue like mine ?

@Shiv_Kumar When i went to San ysidro office on last Saturday morning, officer in the entrance informed me that this office not operating on i-94 on that day… He redirected me to otay mesa office, which is 9 miles from San Ysidro.

Sorry…I don’t have an idea on i94 extension without valid visa.

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@Uday I am confused with your “office is just next to outlet mall center”. Are you referring to SENTRI at San Ysidro Enrollment Center ?

Please clarify !!!

San ysidro one. You just need to cross the road from outlet center.

@Uday thank you for the quick reply but as both are called San Ysidro…please help me understand better…I am presuming you are mentioning the left side one called as “San Ysidro Enrollment Center” which is right next to Outlets at the Border area…Am I right ?

West side port of entry.

Uday - The West Side port of entry (referred as San Ysidro Land Port of Entry) would be 0.7 miles walk from Outlet Mall center.
I am trying to see if we can go to the one next to mall called as San Ysidro Enrollment Center (which is also referred as SENTRI) apart from San Ysidro Port of Entry. I am in tricky situation where I do not have a Valid Visa to cross the border. Hence, I am looking for options to visit both of them in case if an officer asks me to Cross the Border etc., Any correct detail from you would be of great help as I cannot cross the border :frowning:

Hi @Shiv_Kumar
SENTRI enrollment center is a different thing than i94 correction center.

i94 is always corrected/extended at port of entry and not at SENTRI enrollment center.

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@Anil I agree. However from various websites people did refer to SENTRIs as well.

Hence, I had a slim hope of visiting both of them just in case and I am traveling from Ohio so couldn’t risk many times.

That’s correct. That article you referred is written by me :slight_smile:
I should probably correct it as it seems to confuse with ‘SENTRI’ word.

My point is that do not confuse between the SENTRI enrollment center and port of entry.
It is possible that there are multiple SENTRI enrollment centers in San Diego itself.

And it is also possible that SENTRI enrollment office is located in the same building as port of entry office (where they correct i94).

Just go to the Port of entry building and you should be good.

Is San Diego closer to you from Ohio or Laredo, TX?

I visited Laredo, TX recently to get i94 fixed and this is my complete experience with pictures :slight_smile:

@Anil_Gupta I saw that it’s written by you and read comments from you about your visit to Laredo. I would need to drive from San Antonio to Laredo as flights are too less for Laredo. Appreciate your posts and help to all of those who are in the same boat…! Thanks again.

@Shiv_Kumar, I am on h4 visa but i don’t have valid US visa. I want to do my i94 extension on Mexico border. I think my case is similar to your case. i can’t cross the US border. Would you please provide me some input? your help will be appreciated.