Is premium processing open for transfers if the holder is outside US


I have a query regarding premium processing for h1b holders outside US. Is premium processing available for transfers if the holder is outside US?


Premium processing is NOT available for H1B transfers at this time irrespective of your physical location.

I have an Approved H1b (2017). I seperated from my firm in 2017 and moved back to my home country. Now I want to get back.

My question is, as the premium processing has been suspended, has it neen restored for my particular case?

Can I now use premium processing as my case was approved prior to 21 dec 2018. Thanks

If you are thinking of filing your H1B transfer now, then your case is still NOT eligible for premium processing.

I dont understand, I already have an Approved H1b. Does this means that only transfer cases that were filed on or before 21 december 2018 would be processed? If so when do you think Premium processing for cases like mine be considered. Thanks

At this time, there is no information about when the H1B premium processing will open for new applications filed after Dec 21, 2018.

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