Is Police Verification happens if you are not changing your address in Indian Passport?


I have recently applied for renewal of Indian Passport in US through CKGS. I live in US on H1B. I haven’t opted for change in the address, i.e. Indian permanent address. Recently, I got a mail from Indian Embassy that there will be some police verification happening on the indian address?

Is this always done even if you don’t change your address? As I am not currently living at that address but my parents are there, will that be okay?

Any experiences. Please share?

It won’t happen all the time… it’d depend on the status of last police verification. It happened for my daughter who is 7 years old and I almost panicked cuz I had to get h1 extended too.

Finally the police verification happened in parallel while I received the passport. Cop called me on my US number from WhatsApp. Was pretty smooth.

Thanks so much for your reply. So, for your case, did the police also came to your Indian permanent address or they just called you on Whatsapp and that’s it.

They came at my permanent address next day after calling me.

Verified the address proof and the job was done.

Thanks so much Wali for your reply.

Hi @hatella , Can you share what happened in your case? Also which location CKGS did you apply for?
I am also in your same situation now and applying to Chicago CKGS. I would like to know if there was any delay in receiving your renewed passport because of the police verification.

Any inputs will be much appreciated. Thanks!


I have a query regarding passport renewal from CKGS under SFO jurisdiction.

I have been residing in US since 2014

Before that, I was residing in bangalore in a rented apartment & that address is on my current passport.
The aadhar card has the same address.

I don’t have any family member staying in bangalore.

For India address, should I give my parents address, where I have not resided with them & I dont have any address proof on my name ?

What address should I give on self sworn certificate ?
Under what scenarios police verification will be required ?

Hi Anil,
I applied for passport renewal , it will be expired in Feb 2021 , I have requested for change of address and also attached my Adhar card as a proof. I am surprised to see it went for police verification, the email says “Initiation of Police Verification” - This is to inform that your police verification request has been sent to the police department , your are requested to get in touch with the respective Police Office if the verification is not done in three weeks.

I am here in US not sure how will I contact the police office if the verification is not done, Is it normal or this is some new case.


@indyguy can you please share your experience and how did you go about it?