Is NIE letter Mandatory for H1b drop box

Hi All,

I had my H1b drop box appointment yesterday i.e 28th October at Hyderabad consulate. the officer at consulate was collecting all the documents and asked me do you submit the NIE letter which i was not carrying so she asked me to write a letter to the consulate of Hyderabad that i am not submitting my NIE letter. I wrote a letter stating that i am not submitting my NIE letter as i am planning to travel back to US at end of November and i am fully vaccinated. Now i am worried will my visa be rejected or will i receive and 221g for not submitting the NIE letter? Is NIE letter mandatory for the H1b drop box?

NIE will no more be required as all four PP in effect will be withdrawn starting 8th November’ 2021. But because your interview was before then end of the PP 10199, you may still be subject to NIE approval.