Is marriage certificate required for adding spouse name to passport?

I have an appointment to re-issue my passport, and since I recently got married I added my husband’s name to passport. (Yes to “Addition of Spouse name after Marriage”)

The document checklist does not ask me to get my marriage certificate or husband’s passport copy. Immihelp and your article do mention that we need it.

CKGS said they have simplified things now, but I am wondering if this is true for everyone?

Don’t worry. They only ask for what is on the checklist. CKGs has simplified the process a lot.

On the other hand, you can still take it with you (or send it as part of packet, if mailing) as a safer option.

Hi Anil,

My appointment was on last Friday. I carried all original and its copies just to be safe.
They only asked for what was on the checklist. It seems they have simplified the process now.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing the update.

My Indian passport is expiring later this year and requesting renewal in USA. My current passport was issued when I was unmarried and I am married now. So, I am getting my spouse’s name added when I filled the CKGS form, but CKGS document checklist doesn’t ask any spouse-related documents? Is that normal? Should I send spouse documents or even marriage certificate copy, even though they didn’t ask?