Is LCA needed for change in work location with in 50 miles radius

Hi Anil,

I joined my new Employer on the H1b receipt at the time of submission of the petition I got a project with at Client location A, but due to unexpected reasons the project with Client A(Columbus, OH 43215) is delayed and I got another project with Client B with in 50 miles radius (Reynoldsburg, OH 43068).

Does Employer need to file an LCA inorder to start the work at Client Location B ?

Please clarify.


H1B Amendment 50 Mile Criteria

The criteria are NOT 50 miles. It is the change of MSA or not including other things such as job description, roles, and responsibilities.

You should know if the new work location is in a different MSA or not as compared to the previous location.

You can check yourself using this MSA search website.

H1B Amendment Required - Check with App

You can also use this app to find out if you need to file an H1B Amendment by entering your current work location and new location zip code. The app automatically finds your MSA and gives you an answer.

How to use H1B Amendment App

See this discussion about what all can go wrong if you do not file H1B Amendment when it is required:

Thanks for your response Anil.
Both the client locations falling under same MSA. Job description is also similar.
As it was mentioned in the other case in case of site visits happen it will be an issue.

what’s your suggestion in my case about filing new LCA before starting on the Job ?


Posting LCA is mandatory even when H1B Amendment is not required.

Posting LCA and getting a new LCA approval are two separate things. So, be careful.

I strongly suggest to POST LCA at new location before starting work there. USCIS can ask for proofs and records from client and your employer.