Is it true that 240 day rule not applicable to transfer application?

Thank you Anil! I read somewhere that 240 day rule is not applicable to transfer application, is it true? does it mean that I will be able to continue working for company B if decision doesnot come thru within 240 days?

H1B transfer applications are not affected by 240 day rule after i94 expiry.

You can keep working as long as the h1B transfer applications stays pending with USCIS.

Appreciate the answers, thank you Anil!

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Am asking question on behalf of friend
She transferred her h1b from employer a to employer b on march.14.2018, i.94 expired on june.24.2018 did her case falls under 240 days rule ?

Hi @Mvnlakshmi80

I added your question to this page as it has already been answered above.