Is it possible to get I94 extension at Seattle border after passport renewal

Hi Anil,

Is it mandatory to go to Mexico or California border to get the I94 correction? Can we do it in Seattle or Niagara border?

My dependent passport is expiring and also I94 but her visa is valid till September. Can we extend I94 by any other means like calling CBP office or visiting nearest CBP office rather than travelling to border.

our nearest border would be Niagara. Do you still recommend travelling to Mexico border?


Options to extend i94

There are 3 options to extend i94 and visiting the border is cheapest, fastest and easiest one.

CBP office at Land border extends i94

Only CBP offices located at US land border can extend or renew i94.

CBP offices at US international airports do NOT extend i94 (i have checked with various airports and they all denied).

i94 extension at US - Canada border needs Canadian Visa

The process could be same at Niagra falls US land border as well but you will need Canadian visa to cross border. If you have it, you can try Niagra else, mexico border in Laredo, TX or San Diego, CA are the better options.

Appreciate the quick and detailed response!!

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