Is it possible to do H1 transfer without my I797?

I am approved on my H1 visa and am waiting for I797 to transfer my H1 to a different employer. But am stuck because I do not have my I797 yet. What do I do?
My lawyers have raised 2 service requests and it has been over 4 months since my petition was approved. I have also raised an FOIA request with no response from USCIS yet. Is it possible to do a H1 transfer without my I797 physical copy? Thanks

Your new employer can apply for transfer using just the H1B approval notice receipt number if you know it. Copy of I-797 is not must to have. You can also attach other evidences/letter/document you used to request the copy of I-797 approval notice & I-94 from USCIS in past.

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Thanks, that is really helpful.