Is it ok to give H4 EAD employment details in DS 160 form for dropbox?

Dropbox in India - H4 stamping

I am working on h4 ead, planning to go for drop box for h4 visa stamping in India.

DS 160 - No EAD information but Employment and pay details

While filling DS 160, it is asking for my current employment and pay information but nothing about EAD status.

Will Dropbox be cancelled as I gave employment details on H4?

Will that be okay if i provide those details?
If i provide those details,Is there any chance that i would be called for visa interview with out approving through drop box?

DS 160 with no EAD information is fine

There is no need to worry. You can provide your employment and salary details even though there is no place to provide the EAD details.

H4 Stamping will be fine and you won;t be called for interview if everything is fine with your documents.

Many people are in same situation as you and have successfully got the H4 stamp with Dropbox facility.

Check if you are eligible for Dropbox in India: