Is it better to file L2 EAD separately to avoid L1A rejects?

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

I am working on L2 EAD currently and my Husband employer is starting his L1A extension process in premium and they are agreed to file my L2 EAD application as well with along. I know with new biometric process L2 applications are not considered in premium anymore and taking more time.

My questions: considering current Visa issues, is it better to file L2 EAD seperatly to aviod L1A rejects?

Please advise. Thanks in advance.


Hi @jyothi_p

I do not understand the relationship between L2 EAD and L1A rejection.

Whosoever told you that L2 EAD increases chances of L1A rejection has simply misguided you. There is NO SUCH thing.

L1A is approved based on the paperwork you submit. L2 and L2 EAD are dependent on L1A approval and not the other way.

If L1A has to be denied, it will be denied irrespective of whether your filed L2 EAD or not.
Just apply both L2 EAD and L1A extension together and everything will be fine.

Thanks for response @Anil_Gupta.

Recently my husband co-worker L1A extension got denied. As you know the employer will never give exact reason for deniel, he was guessing that might be the reason with current EAD on-going issue and deley process in dependent visa’s.

That’s not the real reason.

L1A’s are getting denied due to strict criteria of evaluation these days.

Almost 90% L1A are seeing rejections these days.

Thank You for the response.

One More Question. Our current L1 Visa & i-94 is valid till Aug, 2020. If i am applying in premiun and the visa gets denied, Does it effect the current valid visa and i should leave within 15 days? or i can stay still Aug, 2020?

Hi @jyothi_p

The extension is filed with future start date and hence its denial does not affect your current L1A.

You can stay in US until your current visa is valid even in case of extension denial.

Hi Anil,
We got RFE on L1A extension. Today’s USCIS announced premium processing suspended temporarily.

Does it application of already applied application’s? If we respond now, does it increase any chances of rejection? Plz suggest what we should do now

Existing premium applications will be processed in Premium timeline.

Do they accept paper based RFE response as well?

Looks like you have no idea about how RFE works.

The premium processing timer is stopped as and when USCIS sends RFE.

Once you submit the RFE response, USCIS restarts 15 day timer from 1 when they receive your docs.

Every response to USCIS is sent by paper mail in almost all cases.

Hi Anil,
I have idea about premium processing and RFE timeline. There is no where it mentions in USCIS statement how they are handling Cases who is already got RFE

They have clearly mentioned that existing premium cases will be processed in Premium.

If they can’t, they will refund the premium fees.