Is immigrating to Australia good with news of racism?

There are quite a good number of It jobs at Australia and lot of people are applying. What I want to know is how good is Australia that we can live there relocating from India all the way there. As we hear about it beign a racist country and even sports depict that. A clear picture about all this will make things easier to know.

Hi @priyanka

Looks like you are too late to ask this question as you have already applied for Australia immigration and now in the process of filing your application.

Anyways, Australia is developed country with thousands of Indians already living there happily.

There is also a long queue of people who are trying to immigrate to Australia with their economy and availability of jobs.

As far as racism is concerned, you will find it in every country including India. In-fact, India probably has more racism than other countries.

Racism of caste, color and financial status is what you do encounter everyday in India. Isn’t it?

The small instances of racism that you would have seen in sports or news happen in every country. I believe that it boils down to which neighborhood you live.

My opinion is that there is no need to worry about these small issues. Just focus on your application, find a good job and move with family.

I know a lot of people who have migrated from India to Australia in last 3 years and are happy to be there. They have not seen any kind of racist incident till today.

Let me know if you need more information.