Is i94 extension process same for Adult and Kid at San Diego Border?

I am Planing to Visit with my son this weekend. My Son is 7 Years Old and his passport is renewed i had applied i-94 fee online for Him and me.

Anil for minor I-94 process is same as Adult right.

Hi @amol_chopade
Yes, process is exactly same for both Adult and kids.

Hi Anil and others I am in this situation with my son.
Can you please guys let me know if you are aware of any experiences with kids I-94 update after passport renewal.


Its the same process as listed above. Does not matter if its a kid or grown up.

I had done my Son i94 process it is nice experience.

I had paid online fee for extensio so save some time to get in into I-94 office. There are two lanes one for online and another is cash in San Diego port of entry.

Total process took 1 hour 50 min. Because officer said to go to Mexico I Migration and get stamp and come back in I-94 line with son. So took time in queue at Mexico side bridge.

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Thanks @amol_chopade for sharing your experience. We appreciate it.

Hi Amol could you please give me your contact number.

Hi @amol_chopade n @pamireddy
Please delete the phone number once you guys have spoken to each other, from above post.

Leaving phone number openly visible might invite unwanted spam.

I understand your right

Hi Amol thanks for sharing the number, i went to border on December 22 2018 and copleted the I94 extension process sucessfully, they asked me to cross the boder and come back… every thing was pretty smooth.

Thanks for sharing the phone number.

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Hi @Anil_Gupta
My situation is bit different. My son has valid Visa and passport till 2020. But since my passort was expiring on 17th Aug 2018 while returning from India my I94 was given till Aug 17, 2018 and same with my son.
I dint notice that my son also has same I94 expiry.
I visited San Diego CBP office and got my I94 extended till Sep 2020 after my passport renewal. Now I am applying for H1B transfer when submitting the documents I realized that My son I94 got expired in Aug 2018 but he has a valid Visa stamped till Sep 2020 and My I94 is valid till Sep 2020. I am on H1b and my son is on H4. Does visiting San Diego CBP office is recommended to get my son I94 extended.

S Yeluri

Hi @syeluri
Yes, visit San Diego border CBP office to get your son’s new i94.