Is i140 or i797 needed for Dropbox and H1B stamping?

Hi, Please help me with below queries

For same project,client and employer, Can we file extension at Nebraska processing center as per our wish or uscis decides it?

When we go to India, Should we go for dropbox stamping using I140 approval and get stamping for 3 years or using I797 and get stamping as per expire date ?


File H1B extension at Nebraska

At this time, you can file at Nebraska without USCIS deciding it if your extension application has ‘No Change’.

i797 is required for H1B stamping

I140 is not required for stamping. It is H1B i797 notice of approval that’s required for H1B stamping.

You may or may not be eligible for dropbox. You can check your eligibility using our app;

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