Is H4 transfer required if family is in India?

Dear All,
I am planning to change my employer and will be filling H1B transfer soon. From my current employer I have stamped the H4 Visa for my wife and kids they have validity till 07/31/2022.
Due to COVID my family is still in India and I am planning to get them here once I move into my new job.
Please advise on the following:

  1. Shall I proceed with the H1 and H4 transfer together. If I do so will my family have to go through the stamping process all over again? As it might take time to get appointment.
  2. Since they already have the H4 Visa can they travel on the same visa, also I will be changing my location so do they have to land at my current location or they can come to my new joining location too.

Please suggest which one will be the best option.


H4 transfer is not required if your family is in India. They can travel anywhere in USA using their existing H4 visa stamp (should be valid).