Is H4 petition required in US when filing H1B extension from India?

Hello Anil,

I have another questions regarding my dependents. Once my employer receive my I140 and submit my 7th year H1B extension in premium, do I have to request to my employer to submit the H4 dependents extension as well or once I receive my H1B approval, do I just fill out the DS160 form and include my dependents to do the VISA stamping directly with me based on my approval and can we all together travel back from India to USA ?

Thanks for your help!

There is no need to apply H4 extension application in US.

Once your H1B petition is approved, you can simply file H4 visa application in India along with your own H1B visa application.

Once approved, all of you can travel to US.

Thank you very much Anil.

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