Is H4 Extension required with Emp A when filed H1B + H4 transfer with emp B?

Hi All.

I am working with company A and got an offer from company B. my h1 is expiring on first week of july 2020. Company A applied for extension and company B applied for h1 transfer and h4 extensions(spouse +son). Do we need to apply h4 extension with company A too?. Incase if we didn’t apply for h4 extension as we have already one pending along with h1 transfer, if I didn’t join company B or if transfer got denied,What will be the status of h4 after I94 expiry ?

If you can get H4 approval with H1B transfer, then you are fine and there is no need for another H4 application.

But, in case you get H1B transfer denial, your H4 transfer will also be denied and in that case H4 will be out of status.

So, if you want to be on absolutely safe side, file the H4 extension with Employer A too.