Is H4 exempted from travel ban?

Hi Anil,
Regarding the latest update from DOS regarding the exemption of H4 from the travel ban if primary applicant is already in US.

My husband is in US on H1B and I am currently in India on H4. Both of our visa validity is till 20 August however his I797 is valid till 2022 Dec as he recently changed employer.

I intend to get my visa stamped after the consulate opens and fly back.

Will I be able to do so even if the consulate opens after 20 August?

You should be able to travel on valid H4 visa if H1B is in the US.

Hope you are doing well.

My H1B is recently approved, my wife is in India since marriage from November. we have filled DS-160.
Here are my questions, could you please help I am totally confused with what people are stying,

  1. Can she go for an H4 interview with I797, before October 1’st i.e before my status changes from F1 to H1B?
  2. We could see slots available in September? is this only emergency cases?
  3. Did the ban till December 31 apply to her (new H4 stamping)

Hi @Abhinav_N

Your wife can apply for H4 visa stamp before Oct 1 too based on your approved H1B i797.

The travel ban rules allow H4 applicants to apply for visa.

She may not get an appointment though due to high demand.

Thank you Anil this is really helpful Thank you for your time, almost 1 year apart right after marriage.