Is H4 EAD 120 day RFE bad for my case?

Hi Anil,

I have seen your posts on the facebook H4 EAD group. I had a quick question.

My ead is up for renewal in September as per 180 days before limit but I read your post that it’s recommended to do it at 120.

Since we all are awaiting the official rule I am anxious to apply at 180 day mark instead of wait till 120 days.

Is H4 EAD 120 day RFE bad for my case?

I was wondering what are the repercussions for applying at 180 days other than getting an rfe and rejection?

Do you know how quickly they send an rfe and rejection back?

There are no repercussions except that USCIS sends the RFE for applying too early.

Couple of people have reported that they have got this RFE and hence I shared it on the group.

There is no time frame on when they send the RFE. It may take 1-3 months to get a response from USCIS.

You can read about it here in comments section:

Keeping in mind all this, I suggest people to file H4 EAD concurrently with H1B and H4 in premium.

That way, the chances of getting approval are higher and faster. That’s not expensive for getting peace of mind.

Oh I plan to do that since my husbands work applies for us.

Do you recommend applying premium with h1 and h4 at 180 days or 120?

I recommend to apply H1 and H4 - H4 EAD together in premium at 180 day mark.

That’s the best option you can do at this time.

The chances of getting H4 and H4 EAD approved within premium processing time are higher though not guaranteed.

Perfect. That’s what I will do and just in case I do get an rfe, that just means loss of cost… right?

No negative mark on my file?

Yep, RFE is just request of more documents or in this case just for filing early.

There is no negative remark.

Also, they are doing it intentionally.

The official USCIS rule does allow filing for EAD renewal 180 days before expiry.

Sounds good. Then I will take that risk because with the coming rule change I might not even be able to renew around 120 far mark.

Thank you so much Anil for your quick reply and feedback.

Ya… that’s worth it.
You are welcome. All the best.