Is finger printing fd258 on A4 will work for Canada FBI Certificate?

(Anonymous) #1

I checked with local Sheriff station and they said you can collect the fd258 card from UPS.

They don’t do it on print out. I went in to UPS too and found out they don’t sell those cards loose.

We need to either get fingerprinting from them.
Is printing fd258 on A4 will work?

Also, do I need to get FBI certificate for Canada for each member including 9 month baby.

Thanks in advance.

(Anil Gupta) #2

FD258 on A4 white plain paper is allowed

FD258 on A4 white paper works only if you are taking fingerprints yourself.
I don’t recommend doing it yourself as there is a technique to it on how to print them correctly.

FBI would reject your fingerprints if they are not taken a certain way. So, its better to get it done by someone else who knows about it.

Find Police Station that provide Fingerprinting service for fee

If FD258 form is not available easily, go to a police station that provides fingerprinting service (paid). They will give it to you for free.
It is possible that your town don’t it but some other town’s police station might have this service. Check on Google.

FBI certificate is needed for each adult

Child is not required to have FBI certificate.