Is filing H1b Amendment is safer than Extension?

Hi Anil,

I need a quick suggestion from you. My h1b is valid till April 29th 2020. I am woking for Employer E vendor V and Client C. I have recently finished my project with Client C and i got new project with client D in different location. Yesterday i got a call from Client C manager they want me to hire me back but i have already said client D that i will join. now If i join Client D i need yo file amendment and as i mentioned my h1b is only valid til April 2020. I need to file extension in Dec or Jan. If i rejoin client C i need to file only extension. So Which one will be the safest option.


Hi @Santhosh0610

Both H1B amendment and extension have same level of risk. These days, USCIS evaluates each application as a new H1B application as per their policy change.