Is Expedite i-765 when I-539 is still in pending for Fingerprints works?

Hi Anil,

I have Applied for L1, L2, L2-EAD concurrently in Feb, 2020 In the premium process, and L1 got approved.

L2, L2-EAD still in pending cases, and my Biometric appointment got canceled due to USCIS ASC office closers due to COVID.I never gave My Fingerprint earlier in the ASC office, so I am not eligible for a Biometric waiver.
I have requested for Expedite my cases by calling USCIS customer service and they raised 2 requested for each application i-539 and i-765.
i-539 expedite request got rejected saying FP is missing and its must to approve my case.
i-765 expedite request got a response saying to send evidence document to justify my case.

I really confused if they will consider my request even if I share my documents.
The reason for expedite is “Financial loss to me and Company”, I have a valid document from my employee HR team to state this, as I work on critical projects which have deliverables in July end and Aug (When by EAD ends).

Please advice.

Jyothi S

What is stopping you from sending the document that USCIS has requested?

You must have requested the expedited approval keeping in mind something and with pre-preparation of your situation and documents.

Thanks for response Anil.

Yes I have required documents. As my i-539 is still pending due to Biometrics. Do they consider my request after sending the required documents for i-765 as for L2EAD depends on L2 approval?

Normally, they do not approve EAD until the i539 is approved first.

Then i don’t have any option then waiting for ASC center to reopen.

As USCIS is having tough time due to financial issue, is there any chance they consider premium processing for dependent visa & EAD by extra charge?

Hi @jyothi_p

There is no such information or rule that i am aware of. At this time, dependent visa applications are not eligible for premium processing.

I will share if anything like this comes up.