Is Employer Informs USCIS immediately after employee resigns or terminated?

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Hi Anil,

Does employer required to Inform USCIS immediately after an employee resigns his/her position or terminated by employer?

If employee is terminated by employer, does employer needs to Inform USCIS the reason of employment termination? If reason needs to be mentioned, does that reason will pop-up in the Consular officer’s screen while we go for H1B stamping in India?


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Employer is obligated to inform USCIS and withdraw the H1B visa petition once the employee is terminated and the employment is stopped.

The termination reason is not required to be shared with USCIS as it could be internal company matter.
US government is only concerned with the H1B visa and its related violations and not the internal company matter due to which your employment may have been terminated.

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Thanks Anil for your quick response!