Is CKGS shipping envelope Free after paying for mailing service?

Actually I am in class right now. Also my service provider is FedEx and I have already paid for ‘From you to CKGS’ and ‘From CKGS to you’. Where would I get my envelope from? Do I have to pay for it?

Download CKGS shipping label

Once you pay online on CKGS website, you can download the “From you to CKGS” shipping label from CKGS website.

Fedex or UPS envelope from the physical shop

You need to pick up free envelopes (included in your CKGS shipping fees) from the physical Fedex or UPS shop.
You can visit any nearest shop, pick up the envelope, place your documents, seal it and ship it right there.

15 days to Use CKGS Shipping label

Once you generate the Shipping label, you have 15 days to use it. You lose it after 15 days!

CKGS to You Shipping label and Return envelope

There is no need to worry for shipping label from CKGS to you with new passport. CKGS will generate it themselves and pick up return envelope too from whatever shipping service you have paid for.

Thank you so much.
Also, for minors, the Online Passport application form needs to be notarized. Where on the form should it be notarized?

The third page has to be notarized.

I accidentally notarized on the second page. Would that be a problem?

The last question needs notarization specifically and that question falls on page 3.
So, you need to get it done.

Thank you so much Mr. Anil Gupta. I am now ready to send my package. Really appreciating your work.


Ashley P. Sushil

You are welcome. Let me know if you need anything else.

What is the Authority letter for collection of passport?
Should I send it in the package to the mission office?

This letter is for CKGS to collect your passport from Indian embassy on your behalf.
Yes, send this letter.

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