Is CKGS authority letter required?

(Anonymous) #1

I am applying for reissue of passport in USA as my passport is about to expire. I have completed filling all the forms and payment. I have also paid for shipping both ways. I have the following questions:

Is CKGS authority letter required?

When I log into My Account on CKGS site for printing the documents I am seeing Authority Letter for Collection of Passport in the document list.

Do I need to fill that too and send it along with my documents?
This document is not mentioned in my checklist.

CKGS checklist does not have any check boxes to check?

In the CKGS website it is mentioned ‘Print the document checklist and tick the boxes’. Where do I tick the boxes?
There is no option by default most of the checkboxes are already selected.


(Anil Gupta) #2

Authority letter is required for passport renewal

Yes, authority letter is required and it is for your consent to let CKGS pick up your passport from Indian embassy after renewal.

Ignore checklist checking

Ignore the checking of check boxes on checklist. CKGS is silly! They don’t know that all points are alrey checked :slight_smile: