Is biometric required for H4 EAD after H4 stamped

Hi Anil,
I have applied for my H1B in October 2019 , got it approved.Then, I travelled to India along with my wife .

Both of us got stamped (through Dropbox) with h1 and H4 respectively.

Then Once I am back to US, I have applied for my wife’s H4- EAD on Dec - 27 2019.

Currently , application is In progress state . As I am seeing in few articles, our next step would be biometric or As we have already H4 stamped , the next phase would be “EAD Card print” stage directly.

Thanks !

There is no biometric required for your case.

Also, the status never changes to biometric for H4 EAD application.

Biometric is only applicable for H4 extension filed within US.

Anil, thanks for your quick response !

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Anil, one more follow-up question on this .Do you see any advantage over other applications who are applying from US. In terms of processing time ? It’s already 3 months from applied date

There is no advantage.

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Is your case approved ? Did you get any Bio metric request ?