Is Apostile needed for mailing Power of attorney to NY Embassy for Attestation?

I wanted to know if apostile is mandatory for Indian passport holders residing at Boston if you are planning to get attestation done at NY embassy by mailing all documents?

If yes, then can apostile be done by mail after notarizing all 3 signatures in the state of Massachusetts?

PoA attestation NY Embassy by Postal Mail - Apostile?

If sending by mail to Indian Embassy in NY, yes, you need apostile from MA government.

Remember, you would need to send your original Indian passport as well to Indian Embassy.

Boston, MA apostile by postal mail

Yes, Apostile in MA can also be done by postal mail.

Here is the link for your reference with address and Massachussetts Apostile requirements

Step by step process for PoA Attesation at Indian Embassy:

So basically if you have to get it attested by mail, it always requires to be apostiled?

Also is it the same for Pennsylvania state? My sister stays at Boston and brother at PA and they need to do the same procedure.

Can you confirm if both come under same jurisdiction of NY embasssy? Once again thanks a lot for such quickly reply

  1. Yes, every state that comes under NY Indian Embassy jurisdiction will need APOSTILE if sending documents by postal mail.
    See here for direct NY embassy link:

  2. Yes, Pennsylvania comes under NY Indian embassy jurisdiction.