Is Affidavit for Change In Appearance mandatory if mine has not changed?

Hi Anil,
If my appearance has not changed much since my old passport, but I do not have the same picture I used for the old passport.


It is mandatory to fill the ‘Change of appearance form’ these days. It does not matter if you select that your appearance has not changed.
The CKGS online application will ADD it to your document list automatically in either case.

So if CKGS online application will ADD it to your document list automatically, we do not need to NOTARIZE change of appearance form?

Notarization is required for ‘Change of appearance form’ in any case.

Hi Anil, quick question : Under the eligibility for tatkal passport renewal, it is mentioned that “change of appearance” and “change of signature” would disqualify an application for tatkal category. I am not sure how this would work if this affidavit is mandatory! Could you please explain how this works in this particular case? Thank you for your help!

They will probably waive the ‘change in appearance affidavit’ if they approve your tatkal request.

@sram have you contact the embassy or consulate asking to allow for Tatkal passport?

Hi @Savio No I have sent a written request with my application to VFS as I am not receiving a response from them regarding the process. For CKGS there was an email ( to ask for permission from the embassy, but I don’t know how to get embassy/consulate approval without the relevant contact/procedure. Do you have any additional information regarding this? Thanks!

How does the notary portion look,
and Do you know how to change the address in the return courier label in VFS application once payment is done ?