Is ACS re-assessment required after changing job?

Hello Anil,

I had received positive ACS assessment in Nov/2018 with 7.5 years work experience. After which I have changed my job to different company in the same work profile.

I have submitted EOI in Jan/2019, with current job end date left blank, which will give me 5 more points in May/2019.

In this case do I have to do ACS assessment again or supporting documents for new job is enough. Please let me know. Thanks.

I recommend to get new ACS assessment done as you have changed your job.

The new job profile and its role, responsibilities need to be evaluated again.

Thank you Anil I will do the ACS re-assessment

I have almost same case.
I Have one doubt on this @ Anil Gupta. What if The assessment says 7+ years of experience and I leave the End date in the EOI blank. Then automatically after completing 8 years my points increases and then I get the invite on the latest points.

Now the situation changes, and after filing and paying the fee for 189, I want to change the Employer.
In that case should I go for the assessment for the last employer which was already partially assessed at the time of assessment? and that employer experience is already enough to claim 8 years.

You would need a new assessment if you want to claim points for added experience after getting an invite.

Usually, its not required to claim extra points after getting an invite. It does not make sense to me.

Hi Anil, thanks for the reply.
Actually both the statements are contradicting. Should I go for the assess or not?