Is A number on PERM i.e ETA 9089 and I-140 the same?

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Hi Anil ,

One thing i wanted to ask and confirm , is the A number on PERM i.e ETA 9089 and I-140 the same
I happened to read online PERM is for DOL and I-140 from DHS , as the two agencies are different hence the two A- numbers will also be different

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Where do you see the A number on PERM?
As per my information, it is called ETA number.

A number is on i140 approval or any EAD card that you may have.

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Hi Anil , the PERM has ETA case number for ETA 9089 which is 10 digit number , in my case it starts with T-XXXXX-XXXXX but my employer replied to me saying PERM # is A-XXXXX-XXXXX ( he basically replaced the T with A for the ETA case number)

Is this A number same on both PERM ETA-9089 as well as for I-140 and can i use this A number to file for FOIA

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PERM ETA number and i140 A-number are not same

No, its not same.
A number on i140 approval is a 9 digit number whereas ETA 9089 number is a 10 digit number.
ETA number format : T-XXXXX-XXXXX
A Number format: A-XXX-XXX-XXX

I am not sure what you asked your employer and what did they replied with in their answer.
Did you ask them to share your A Number?

For more information about A number, check this link:

A number for FOIA request

Do not share the A number if you do not have the correct one. You can leave the A number field blank too.
USCIS can search your records based on other information that you share too.

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This is great , thank you very very much for your explanation.

I do have my OPT EAD card with me from several years ago hopefully it should have my alien registration number , if not i will leave the A number blank and try to fill as much of remaining information just as you advise…thanks again

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You are welcome. All the best and let me know if you need more information.