Is 4 days gap between leaving and joining new H1B employer ok?

(Raj) #1

Hi Anil I have a question.

My current H1B expired by oct 4th 2018 and the extension petition is still in progress.

But H1 transfer to a new employer is approved a week ago from Aug 20 2018 + 3 yrs.
I have resigned my current employer and my last working day is Jan 9th 2019. But I am joining the new employer on Jan 14th 2019.

So there is a gap of 4 days. (But validity for H1 from new employer starts from Aug 20 2018) Is this gap is ok?

H1 Amendment Denied - few months to I-94 expiry
(Anil Gupta) #2

4 days should not be an issue.