Initiate H4 EAD,H4 Extention after my spouse H1B transfer

Hi, Recently my spouse has transfer H1b and new petition is expiring on Jan 2025. My current H4 and EAD is expiring on Aug 2023. Considering current timeline Can I initiate my H4 extension and EAD renewal now so that my current expiry dates also gets extended to Jan 2025 Or do I have to wait 180 days before it expires.

Also what are the documents needed for H4 Extension and EAD renewal. Can I do it together.

Ideally you should apply for H4 extension and EAD along with H1B extension/transfer. If you apply H4/EAD separate from H1B, you may apply within 180 days of expiry.

Ideally you should do both together. Below is the list of documents.

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you for detail explanation. My spouse H1b transfer is already completed. Based on your update it seems like I can not file my H4 extension/EAD renewal now and has to wait 180 days before it expires. Just wanted to confirm.