Indian Police Clearance certificate from New York Indian Embassy

Hi Anil

Send new passport only or old passport too?

I have my Indian passport renewed from NYC…should i send both passports in mail for Indian Police clearance certificate?

Fees is different if passport was NOT issued by New York consulate?

From below reference, the fee changes depend on where you got your passport from…

But the fee info you mentioned in your Indian Police certificate article is different compared to the this New york embassy fees schedule

Can you tell me fee for mail for passport renewed in NYC and from INDIA?

Only Current Valid Indian passport is required for Indian Police Clearance Certificate

Only the current valid passport needs to be sent. No other expired passports required.

New York Consulate Indian PCC fees

The fee info I have mentioned in my Indian Police Clearance certificate article is for Houston Indian Embassy.

Each Indian embassy has their own process and fees structure.

So, follow the fees as mentioned by New York Indian Embassy for your case (if you are applying there).

Let me know if you need more information.