Indian PCC in Dubai -police verification?

Hi Anil,

Im very confused with PCC can you please help me? I have Indian passport issued from Dubai Consulate and I am living here from the past 15 years. I am applying for a PRC and one of the reqt is Police Clearance ( India). My question is:

  1. How to apply the PCC here in UAE?

  2. My family doesn’t know about this Canada application. Will the Police in India verify my address and house and are they going to inform my family about the purpose of my PPC?

  3. Who will issue the PCC, Indian Consulate in Dubai or Police in India?

  4. If yes , can I request the Indian Consulate not to inform my family the purpose of PCC?

It will be a big hindrance for my PRC if my family came to know about my Canada migration. Please help me to understand.

  1. You have to apply for Indian PCC with Indian Embassy in Dubai/UAE.

  2. Indian Embassy will send request to Indian RPO (Regional Passport Office). The chances are high that your verification request will not be sent to India RPO as you said your passport was issued by Indian embassy in UAE.

  3. Indian PCC will be issued by Indian Embassy in UAE.

  4. You cannot make any request of NOT informing anyone. Indian embassy does not entertain any such requests.

Thanks for the prompt reply. It means RPO will inquire my family about the PCC I requested or will they just go and check my address without telling the reason for the PCC? My address in the passport is different as we moved out from there 5 years ago and my current address is different now. Where they will check?

Indian RPO will decide if they want to do physical police verification or not.

They will verify only the address that you mention in your Indian PCC application form.

But normally as per your experience and knowledge, do they go and check physically ? I do not have any idea how Police Verification is done in India, sorry for asking too much. My case is complicated though.

If they decide to do police verification, then yes, a police man physically visits the residence address and confirms you live there.

Thank you for the clarification. Speedy reply.:smile:

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Hi Anil,

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I am hoping you can help me out. Thank you in advance.

I do not have any recommendation of any agency. Sorry.