Indian PCC from Atlanta embassy sent to Indian RPO for Police Report?


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Need Help.

Indian PCC needed urgently for Canada PR application

I have applied for India PCC in Atlanta consulate USA. They are saying its gone for verification with no timelines ( It might take months to receive response according to consulate person).

My passport was renewed in india in the year 2014 and as my address was same no verification was done.

Is it really going to take months for verification?. what can i do to expedite the process?.I need the same to submit for canada immigration which will expire in a month.

Please advise.

(Anil Gupta) #2

Indian PCC Processing time if passport is issued in India

The normal time is about 4-6 weeks if passport was issued in india.

Does Canada allow filing ITA with Pending Police verification?

Don’t worry even if Indian PCC is delayed.
Canada allows you to submit the proof of PCC application if it is delayed.

I have answered the same question earlier in detail here:

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Thanks Anil.
I followed up with consulate and they replied saying they need a clear PVR(police verification report) before they can issue PCC and they have forwarded the forms to concerned RPO .

As per your response no physical verification will be done. Are u aware of what will happen in this case and can I do anything to speed up the process.

(Anil Gupta) #4

Physical Police Verification by Indian Police?

The physical police verification decision is taken by Indian RPO. Indian embassy only forwards the request to Indian RPO and wait for their response.
In most cases, if your Indian address is a valid address (not like a hostel address or something that is suspicious), Indian RPO will not opt for physical verification again.

Indian Passport Office 13 year rule

Also, they follow a 13 year rule in India. In your case, if your last passport was issued, Indian RPO would already have your address verification and they should send a positive report to Indian Embassy without any issue (my opinion).

Filing Canada ITA with Pending Indian PCC

In the case that they do delay it, you can still submit your Canada PR application with proof that you applied for Indian PCC and the result is awaited.

How to speed up Indian PCC process?

There is no way to speed up the process that I know of.