Indian PCC for US visa stamping - How much time does Embassy take?

Hello - I desperately need some help and advice please.

I got my new passport from India in 2015 Sep. Post travelling to USA, the police verification report came adverse.
Now I need to travel back for a visit next month and go for a Visa stamping.

I don’t want the Police verification to have an impact on my visa stamping.

So I called the Indian embassy of NYC and they advice me to get a PCC.
Then send the documents to RPO and initiate a Police verification.

I have the following questions please:

  1. How long will the PCC take? Should I visit in person, and If I do, will I get the PCC on the same day?

  2. How will it initiate a Police verification when I am in USA ?

  3. With the PCC, can I schedule my Stamping Interview Before POlice verification ?

  1. PCC issuance by Indian embassy takes about 3-4 weeks if they send your request to Indian RPO. Normally, if your passport was issued in India, they will send it to India for police verification result.

  2. The Indian embassy sends request to Indian passport office in India where you last passport was issued.

  3. I am not sure why do you need PCC for visa interview unless US embassy specifically asks for it.