Indian PCC for Canada Visa( living in Korea 6+ years)

Hello Greetings for happy Deepawali
I have a question regarding my case. Im applying for PCC from outside India for Canada work visa.
I have 2 concerns.
My first passport was issued in Jamnagar Gujarat in 2007 which reissued on expiry by Seoul Indian Embassy in South Korea. Also i corrected my name and parents name as in Gujarat they suffix my name with father and father name with grandfather & so on. But current passport is the Seoul consular officer understand this and he changed with supporting documents. So now im wondering does this my name mismatch with expired passport name may cause any issue. Do they check my old passport credentials. How can i take care of this in advance in PCC application and also when submitting both passports to CIC.
Or just only consider my current passport details, else a LOE will do.

Secondly, i need to mention only my last Indian Delhi address as my residential address for verification. If it was only for 3 years, then i move to Korea now 6 years…is it ok with 9 years details or i need to also proof my 1 year of Gujarat to make it 10.
I apologize for too long post. But i have no option and support from any consultant in Korea. Im doing all myself.
Please guide me

Hi @Sanjaysk22

You can apply for Indian PCC with no issues. While applying for PCC, there is an option to specify your alias name. If you give your old passport name in this alias field, it will be printed on the PCC.

This will make sure that Canadian immigration has no issue with both names.

If the India PCC application form in Korea has no option of alias name, then you can create a “One and same person” affidavit to prove that your old name and current name are for same person.

You can mention your current Seoul address for PCC. The old addresses do not matter.

You would need PCC from Korea as well.

Thanks a ton brother.
I checked the Seoul PCC form, there is no row for Alias name. Only for name change is there. I think mine is name correction not name change?
Anyway, i will make Affadavit from Indian Notary for “One and same person”
Im wondering whether the PCC authority in Delhi will also check my old passport or create any delay in issuing PCC and do i need to make it aware to Seoul embassy consular officer. like submit any LOE(letter of explanation)?
I appreciate your efforts.
thank you

There is no need for any letter of explanation as long as your current passport has the name that you want on the PCC report.

PCC will be given based on current name.

thank you so much for your explanation
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