Indian passport renewal status "Under review" for past 4 months?

My wife’s mother have a old hand written Indian passport which is expired.

My wife visa stamp is on the passport, I applied at the Washington embassy to get her passport separated and get a new Indian passport issued, its been pending at the embassy saying its under review for past 4 months ?

Any solution to speed up the process?

I am not aware of any process to speed it up.

I think they must be doing the verification in India as hand written passport were stopped decades ago and you should have got them renewed.

Anyways, you can contact CKGS to ask if you can do something.

Hi Anil,
We received renewed Indian passport from CKGS HOUSTON.
Printing is incorrect
Name got printed over the Nationality word print etc
Datails are correct there is no error in name etc
But location where it got printed have got shifted to next tab
How do we get passport reprinted by ckgs at no extra cost to us?

Contact CKGS to check if they can fix it free of cost.

Do you have email id for ckgs houston for such grievences?

CKGS has central call center. Call them.

Thank you Anil for prompt responses.
I thought it would be better if we send email for two reasons:

  1. Clear positive communication attaching copy of passport received.
  2. put on official record our observation.


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