Indian passport renewal in USA on B1 B2 visitor Visa

hello Anil,
Is it possible to renew Indian passport in US while on B1/B2 visa?

I see the not above that B1/B2 is not a valid visa for passport reissue but then in that case what should be done if the passport is getting expired while staying in US on B1/B2?

You need US address proof on your name to apply for Passport renewal. On B1/B2 visa, you probably will not have any one.

If you passport is expiring while on #usa:b1-b2-visitor-visa, you should have got it renewed in India before travel as B1/B2 visa is only for short term visit to US.

You can double check with CKGS to see if they can allow you to renew.
As far as I know, they won’t.