Indian Passport Renewal for Senior Citizens who are visitors

Can a senior citizen do a thumb print for an Indian passport renewal process if their hands are shaky ?
Also, for the passport renewal, we have to fill up a Government of India Online NRI form. In case of a visitor stuck in the US due to the current pandemic, can they fill up the NRI online form even if they are visitors. I had checked with the Pramit helpline of the Indian Consulate in New York and they said that due to the circumstances and also my mother’s age which is 86 and she has diabetes as well a high BP, heart issues and respiratory issues making her at high risk for cover-19, she could get a short validity one year Indian passport.
But can she fill the online NRI form ? We had applied for an extension of stay for which approval is pending. She has a valid B1/B2 visitor visa.

She will be guided by CKGS online system automatically if she needs a NRI form or not.