Indian Passport renewal Chicago - Change of Status


I’ve just filed for change of status (539) from H1 - H4. The processing time is around 11 months.

I would like to get my passport renewed in the meantime.

What documents would I need to submit( my Receipt # 797©, my old 797 and my husband’s 797?).

Also, in this case, will they give my a ten year passport or just a two year passport.

My US visa expires in Dec 2018.


If your current US Visa is valid till December 2018, you can use it to apply for passport renewal.
If you have the Visa stamped in your passport, use it as a proof.
If it is not stamped, then use i797 approval of your own visa (not husband).

Thanks Anil. Yes my visa is valid till Dec 2018. Since I’ve applied for Change of status, should I include the petition receipt? or is none of that needed, just my visa stamp? If I have to submit my 797, would it be considered as current document as I have status change pending.

Indian embassy does not get any information about your pending applications.

As long as your current US legal document (like visa stamp or i797) is valid (has not expired on its face), it is valid for passport renewal.

You can use the existing i797 or visa stamp for passport renewal if it has validity till Dec 2018.

Great. Thanks! Also, is tatkal only for emergency passport issue?

If you want Tatkal, you have to first write an application (email) to Indian embassy and get the approval for filing your application as ‘Tatkal’.

Then, use that approval to select and file passport application with CKGS.

Normally, the new passport is issued within 2 weeks. So, I do not see any need for Tatkal as such.

Thank you Anil! Since my visa and 797 expire in December, would I still get 10 year passport?

Yes, you will get 10 year validity passport.

Passport’s term is not affected by visa’s expiry and visa term.

Thank you. Also, I want to add my spouse’s name to my passport. Do I need notarized copies of his passport and our marriage certificate or just regular copies?

When you start your application on CKGS website and choose the option of adding the spouse name, it will automatically show you the documents that you need to submit.

It will also clearly tell you if they need them notarized or plain.

I just wanted to say thanks for your guidance. I applied for passport renewal at the Chicago Cox and Kings on July 27 and received my new passport on 08/13/2018. Smooth process. They didn’t accept my photo as it wasn’t to their specifications (ears not seen). Other than that, everything went well.

Great. Congratulations @vidhs82.

Tanks to you too for sharing your feedback.