Indian passport renewal - already submitted but mistake in CKGS

Hello everyone. I have a query regarding my Indian passport renewal please, and would appreciate any kind of advice.

My Indian passport is about to expire, the H4B visa stamped on it - was valid till 2017.

But I have renewed valid I-797 - since I renewed/extended my H4 from the US itself and since then have not gone out of the country to get it stamped. I also have a H4-EAD.

In CKGS website, in the initial widget, for the question on ‘US Legal Status’, I chose ‘valid dependant visa’ instead of ‘I-797’.

I then proceeded to complete the whole ,application, paid the fees, and I am about to ship my documents (to Houston).

But since my visa expired in 2017 but I have a valid I-797, will it be a problem since the CHECKLIST says “Legal status proof in US’ is 'Valid Visa” and not “I-797”?

It seems a small mistake, especially since my status is legal with all the required documents from USCIS (I-797, and I also have a H4-EAD).

Would really appreciate your input and advice.

Thank you for all your help !

I can understand that it is a small mistake and CKGS should be able to accept the i-797 instead of visa stamp copy.

But, i still suggest to send them an email and ask if they will be able to accept the i797 instead of visa copy to avoid wasting time.

If they do not accept, you will have to cancel your application and will then have to get refund based on the application stage.