Indian Passport Expiring - Is renewal before travel to India from USA mandatory?

Hi Anil

My son(Indian citizen) Indian passport valid till Jan 2021.
I live USA.
I have plan to travel to india in December 2020.
Do I need to renew my son passport(by using CKGS) in USA itself before I travel to India?
Are there any requirement of passport validity 06 months for international travel to make travel to india?
Do I have option to renew my passport in india during my visit to India?

Appreciate your response.

It is better to get the Indian passport renewed in USA as its much easier.

You can renew the passport in India too but the processing may be delayed if police verification is done at your Indian address.

The 6 months condition is for US visa stamping. If you are not going for new visa stamp, then there should be no issue.

Thanks Anil
I don’t have any other proof in my son indian passport address(Currently printed address).
However I have different Indian address proof(Aadhar address-Permanent address).
Do you advise to update the Indian address proof in the passport or USA address during my renewal?


I usually advice to get US address printed.