Indian Address proof for passport renewal in USA


I am going to apply for passport renewal through CKGS website. I have a query regarding address proof requirement. I dont want my current indian address to change on my new passport. Do I still need to provide any address proof for Indian address ? I am providing proof for my current(temp) US address in the application but I dont want this US address to be printed on my passport. Would they print my US address on passport by default ? I dont see any option to avoid this in the application.


Hi @khushbood

They give you an option to choose the address that you want to get printed on the passport at first step itself.

If you want to retain the Indian address, there is no address proof required.

Thanks @Anil_Gupta for the prompt reply. I am applying through the CKGS website. I didnt come across this option.

The form did ask me about my US address but not the current Indian address.

I remember seeing an option regarding additional services like change of address,etc, are you talking about the same ?

I guess i am confused about the statement that an Indian address proof is needed for ADD/CHANGE of current address. I dont want to change my current address but what does ADD mean ?

Hi @khushbood

Add/change means that you want to change the address that’s currently printed on your current passport.

You can opt to keep the same address as that you have on your passport or choose to get US address printed.

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