Indian Address change with Tatkal process is not allowed?

Hi Anil,

Thanks for nice article.

Need help in my situation.

Currently I am living in USA on H1 visa. My passport is due to expire in Apr-2019 but my currently stamped visa expiry is on 30-Aug-18.

I have approved work permit till Dec-2019.
I am planning to travel India on 13th Jun and thinking to get my passport renew from USA and thn go for visa re-stamping in India.

I am trying to submit my passport renewal request via tatkal process and got approval email from CKGS. But there is problem, look like address change on passport is not allowed under tatkal process and my current India address printed on my current passport is not valid.

I have address proof of my India permanent address and I can submit that but not sure if they will consider my application with tatkal process.

If I submit passport renewal request via normal process then there might be chance I will not get my passport renewal before 13th Jun.

Could you pls share your experience with CKGS tatkal process for passport renewal ?

I have not used the Tatkal service anytime personally. So, can’t really comment on the process.
If they are not allowing to change the address, then you can just keep the same Indian address (that you currently have) intact on new passport too. It does not matter much.
If you keep the address same, there is no Indian address proof required.

Also, not sure why do you want to get the new passport so early. You still have an year of validity left. The visa stamping is not affected by the passport expiry. They will still stamp it for full H1B 3 year term and it remains valid even if passport expires.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for quick response. The reason why I am trying to renew my passport because I am afraid when I will return to US after visa re-stamping, PoE will put my passport expiry date on my I-94.

In that case I have to again go out of USA before Apr-2019 (my current passport expiry date) and get the I-94 dates corrected.

I am not 100% sure about my understanding above about I-94 so pls correct me if I am wrong.

Also, is it fine if I keep my old India address (even I am not living there now) ?

I am also trying to get confirmation from CKGS that if I print my USA address on my passport then if that will consider in tatkal process.

Rakesh Bhatewara

Yes, your i94 will be restricted to your passport expiry if you do not renew the passport now. That’s correct.

You will have to go out of US and get i94 renewed.

Hi Anil,
Thanks. Could you pls help me in my second question :
Is it fine if I keep my old India address (even I am not living there now) ?

I am also trying to get confirmation from CKGS that if I print my USA address on my passport then if that will consider in my application in tatkal process.


I don’t see any issue in keeping the old Indian address intact. There is no police verification done.
You can always get your address changed later if you want.

But, till the time you are in USA, you won’t even use your passport as an address proof!
So, nothing to worry.

Hi Anil,
As I have left with very less time for India travel and also visa stamping waiting time is more than 30 days, I am planning this. Could you pls see if my assumptions are fine ?

  1. Schedule visa interview now and immediately after reaching India, go for visa restamping on my existing passport (passport expiry is Apr-2019). I am assuming I will get visa stamped till the end date of my I-797 i.e. Dec-2019.
  2. Once visa stamping is done and time left in India, than go for passport renewal from India and get new passport before returning to US.
  3. Return USA with both old and new passport (new visa stamping on old passport) and get I-94 dates updated till end date of I-797.

Could you pls see if above sequence and assumptions are fine ?

  1. Yes, you can do that. But, your passport will be held by US embassy. Please plan for it as it may take 7-10 for you to get back your stamped passport.

  2. Yes, you can renew your passport from India. You will have to submit the old original passport for renewal.
    Please plan for extra delays and time in India. Indian authorities might take more than usual.

  3. Yes, you can return with both passports and get the i94 stamped as per your i797 for full 3 years by showing your new passport.