India Visa Stamping- H1B extension approved for Employer A Client X- Now with Client Y

Hi All,

Hope you all keeping safe !

I have a query with respect to Visa Stamping in India.

My H-1B(Extension) petition got approved on Aug2020 for Employer-A Client-X. But from Jan2021, I started working for Client-Y. As I am working from home, my employer suggested not to file for Amendment or LCA as working from home with same roles and same location (within same MSA). Now I have plans to travel to India in May2021 and should get Visa stamping.

When checked with my employer- they suggest avoid travelling to India unless they lift the restrictions or start regular visa processing. Also they say they wont file LCA or amendment unless we move to office for working, which I am not sure that happen anytime soon.

Actually my query is, if I travel to India and visit OFC for interview with my Client-X approved petition and LCA for client-X address and home address which my employer filed when we started working from home, is that enough? Or should I request for my employer to file amendment/LCA for client-Y and then visit India for stamping ?

Please suggest or share your experiences if you are already in this situation and got your visa stamped.


Did you post client Y LCA for work from home?

It is risky to travel your scenario.