India Passport Renewal as essential service before applying H4 EAD renewal?

Hi , Hope TruVisa team is doing good and safe in this pandemic situation . My question is related to Indian passport renewal.

Question :- I went to India in Dec-19 for vacation and came to USA 19-January-2020.

My current passport as well as I94 is going to expiring on 10-Oct-2020. Right now I am on H4 status (Having EAD which will expire on 2022 ) and planning to apply for extension. Since Any extension , conversation ,etc…, may require 6 moths valid passport , right now Passport center in SFO is closed until first week of May 2020.

Is there any way to apply my passport renewal application in essential services category in this situation ?

Appreciate , your suggestions.


I don’t think they will count it as essential service.

Thanks for your immediate response . Any suggestions ? Do you want me wait for a time ?

The Other question is, My spouse I94 date on I797 (H1B extension) is 22-Mar-2022. His passport is going to expire in this year on 10-Sep-2020. Hope he can stay since he has valid I94 on his extension. However this scenario is worst case and this pandemic will be over in next 2 months.


Yes, you can stay in US as long as your i94 is valid.