ICT Business analyst - degree in finance but work experience is in capital market domain of IT company

Hi ,

I am an IT Business analyst with 6.5 years of working experience.

I have bachelor degree in commerce and I have a 2 Years’ MBA degree in finance.
I haven’t registered for English language exam. I am planning to give PTE.

Assuming that I will get 20 marks (maximum marks in English), my points will add up to 75 points as my wife is not listed in skilled migrant list mentioned in 189 sub-class.

My questions are as follows:

  1. I have a master degree in finance and bachelor in commerce, but my work experience is in capital market domain of an IT company.
    Will this be considered and how many points I will get? I am assuming 15 points as my work-experience is in 5-8 category .
  2. What are the chances of getting a call for this Visa?

Amit Wadhwani

Hi @amitwadhwani

The ICT business analyst job code requires that you must have studied at-least 25% of subjects in computer science.

It depends on what subjects you studied to match the education with your work experience.

ACS will take decision based on your bachelor masters subject list.

You can get an idea about how many years will be deducted by ACS here..