I94 validity 7 days enough to travel and get i94 extended at border

Hi Anil am on H4 visa my visa, I94, and H4EAD expires 12/31/2021,i have renewed my passport recently and I would like to visit laredo border to extend my i94 with new passport in order to get automatic extension. I have my spouse i 797 approval and my receipt copy of H4.

Is it too late to travel with 7 days of I94 validity.?
Will i be allowed to reenter USA?

Your help here is much appreciated.


This is ok as far as your I-94 & visa is still valid.

Have you already applied for extension of status for H4 & EAD in case the CBP renewal doesn’t work? Reason is you need to file extension before your I-94 expires and you wont have enough time to file if you are planning to do it after CBP visit.

Thanks for tour quick response. Yes, i have already applied for H4 and EAD. I might lose my job as my EAD timelines can’t be predicted.
I would like to extend my i94 based on my spouse i797 approval to come under automatic extension.
I have another concern, can i travel alone to texas mexico border or my spouse should also be there as its his i797.


In some cases CBP have denied I94 extension as there was already a pending EOS application with USCIS. Ideally you should go to CBP before applying for EOS with USCIS and if CBP denies for whatever reason, then apply for EOS with USCIS.
That said you can take your chance.

You can travel alone, no need for your husband to be present.